Memjet PrinterTech major Memjet launched its new generation of printers for domestic and business customers all over the globe which are fastest color office printer in the world. The new range of printers are equipped with first-to-market Memjet Technology and innovations designed to augment mobile lifestyle of modern-day customers. It is said that Memjet printers are blend of best features of both laser as well as inkjets to bring a change in the conventional print technologies. As a result, after years of delays, these printers are on the way. Most of the inkjet printers have fixed head, which moves across the span but what makes Memjet printers special is its head which span the length of an entire printed page.

This technology is also known as Memjet water jet technology in which the paper is passed under its head and it gets printed from edge to edge in less than a second. Each head is made up of a continuous row of silicon print chips which was designed specifically to drive Memjet heads. Each of these print chips, in turn, consists of 6400 ink nozzles which keeps on dropping color ink drops which counts to million in less than a second and leaves behind a clear printed page full of details and perfect color.

The ink used is also a special water based ink specifically designed for it. The ink dries as soon as it falls on the paper and is also very necessary in this type of printing without smudging the quality. The printhead is made up of several units which can be aligned horizontally or vertically based on the requirement. E.g. you can arrange the printhead horizontally to print edge to edge on a wider span. This printer is also cost effective, fast, and contains no movable parts which adds quality to its performance and makes it world’s fastest printer.

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